Who Needs a Drink?


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kim junghee & lee gwangik ( Author )

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    A professional learning system specially designed for children from 6 months to 6 years old to get in touch with early STEAM. Daily English teaching and STEAM concepts are naturally integrated into the story in a spiral deepening way. Through the teaching of book activities, the development of multiple senses can inspire children’s development in different fields such as cognition, language, reasoning and logical thinking.

    💚Baby all math and science English textbooks are rich in categories, including windmill books, flip books, hole books, film books, puzzle books, toy books, etc., fully stimulating and cultivating children’s spirit of exploration. Most of the official books need to be produced by hand.

    💚Mathematics part includes six major contents of mathematical operations, graphics, classification, measurement, space, and rules, and is subdivided into 20 different topics;

    💚The science part not only teaches children to know their own bodies, living tools, life issues of animals and plants growth, understand the properties of objects, but also talk about preliminary environmental protection.

    💚Whether it is quantity, size, color, shape, pairing, or food chain, wind and shadow, animals, the role of light… are no longer abstract concepts.

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    1. Juliette Collins

      This informative book is perfect for young children who are curious about animals and their behavior. The colorful illustrations and simple text teach children about the different ways animals get their water, from drinking from a river to licking dew off of leaves. This book is a great tool for parents and caregivers to teach children about the natural world and the importance of water conservation.

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